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Goose is the most traditional choice of poultry for Christmas and is still reared today in much the same way as through the centuries. In small flocks, out in the open on free range, with grass meadows replacing the corn stubble fields.

'Goose – adding to the seasonal delights of autumn'
In poetic terms autumn in seen as ‘the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’. It’s also the season when the goose comes into its own – beginning with the feast of Michaelmas on September 29 in most of the UK and leading up to Christmas when goose was the traditional meal.

Around the country our members are rearing geese for the festive dinner table. Each year more families are eating roast goose for the first time and discovering just how delicious and different is the flavour and succulence. Geese can be in short supply nearer Christmas – so it pays to order early.

More restaurants, too, are introducing goose to the autumn menu….. like The Library at Norwich serving goose breast salad as a starter. If you’re adding goose to the menu, do let us know and we’ll help promote your venue.

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