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Thanks to all our customers -
a message from our chairman John Franklin

On behalf of all our members I’d like to thank all our customers - and that includes many butchers – for buying and promoting geese for Christmas.

Goose seemed a very popular choice in my part of the country and we sold out.

From talking to other producers, sales were generally brisk in the last two weeks before Christmas and I hope everyone had a good year.

Now we are looking forward to Valentine's Day which marks the start of when, by tradition, we will see the first goose eggs being laid. Watch for more about goose eggs on this site soon.

Marketing Award Winners -
John and Anna Franklin
John and Anna Franklin of Franklin Farms won the award due to their many years of work in marketing. more...

We have a new category for affiliate members - suppliers who would like to be more closely involved in the goose sector.

Johnson & Swarbrick, purchasers of goose and duck feathers

Sedgbeer processing supplies, providing equipment for the poultry and game processing industry - based in Somerset

BOCM PAULS, the UK's leading livestock feed supplier, has now been rebranded as ForFarmers.

An Essex family company experienced in producing poultry feed to the highest standards.