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Where to order and buy your Christmas goose, Michaelmas goose or in season goose eggs….. how to cook, recipes, tradition and much more.

Goose is the most traditional choice of poultry for Christmas and is still reared today in much the same way as through the centuries. In small flocks, out in the open on free range, with grass meadows replacing the corn stubble fields.

Order now for Christmas
Now is the time to order your Christmas goose. Farm shops, butchers, farmers' markets and multiple retailers are now taking orders - and be sure to discuss with your supplier what size goose would best meet your needs. In some areas geese have already sold out as more consumers discover the delights of the meat. ORDER NOW FROM YOUR LOCAL PRODUCER.

Calling all restaurants
Goose provides a wonderful opportunity for autumn and festive meals. Not only as roast goose for mains but it can be served in a variety of ways as a starter. Why not try serving smoked goose? When our member Nicola Chapman took this to food festivals in East Anglia, she sold out in 30 minutes!

Goosnargh becomes centre of goose world
The family business of Johnson & Swarbrick at Goosnargh, near Preston, Lancashire, hosted the annual farm visit of British Goose Producers. They are best known for their ducks and corn-fed chicken with a reputation among some top chefs. They began rearing geese 10 years ago and have also become one of the leading suppliers of goose feathers and down for high quality pillows and duvets.

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