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Give your family a surprise with goose eggs this spring

It’ll soon be time for Easter and eggs ….. and have you ever enjoyed a goose egg? You’ll find them more frequently these days at farm shops, farmers’ markets and discerning supermarkets.

A few years ago goose eggs were popular for decorating and schools ran competitions for the best. Now they’re more likely to be used for eating. They make the most delicious
omelettes and scrambled eggs, and are great used in cooking for Yorkshire pudding and cakes. Try some this spring and we’re sure you’ll be surprised just what a difference they make to a meal.

You’ll also find them on the menu of enlightened restaurants and gastro-pubs such as this tempting starter at The Bakers Arms in Hampshire. And if you’re using them, let us know and we’ll help to promote them for you.

We have a new category for affiliate members - suppliers who would like to be more closely involved in the goose sector.

Johnson & Swarbrick, purchasers of goose and duck feathers

Sedgbeer processing supplies, providing equipment for the poultry and game processing industry - based in Somerset

BOCM PAULS, the UK's leading livestock feed supplier, has now been rebranded as ForFarmers.

An Essex family company experienced in producing poultry feed to the highest standards.