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Treat yourself to Michaelmas goose

What do you know about Michaelmas? September 29 in most of the country.

Perhaps you know it’s one of the ‘quarter days’ when traditionally rents were due. Or that it’s when farms change hands at the start of new farming year. Or that if you’re starting college this autumn, the next few months will be known as ‘Michaelmas term’ at top universities.

But it’s also a special event in the goose world... one that could help bring you a fortuitous year ahead. Eat a goose on Michaelmas Day and, according to folklore, ‘you’ll not be wanting for money in the year ahead.’

This is the first opportunity in the year to eat a goose. You’ll be able to obtain a bird from our members who produce Michaelmas geese, or you can sample the delights of this ’green goose’ – reared on summer pasture – at the increasing number of restaurants now putting the treat on the menu for this special time. Enjoy!

ANNUAL FARM WALK - Thursday 16 October
Our chairman John Franklin will be hosting this event on his farm near Sandy, Bedfordshire. All members are welcome. If you would like to join us please email

A 'Full English' at the Parlour Restaurant in north London wouldn't be complete without a goose egg.

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