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Goose eggs - don't delay

Ever tried cooking with goose eggs? They’re a tasty treat … but you’ll have to make the most of them now. Supplies start to run out as daylight hours shorten and mother goose goes off lay.

They’re still available from our members as well as farm shops, delicatessens and selected retailers. And see our recipes for ideas to use goose eggs in omelettes, cakes and other treats.

Now the season of the goose is approaching, starting with Michaelmas Day (September 29 in most counties). Eat a goose then and, according to traditional folklore, ‘you’ll not be wanting for money’ in the year ahead.

ANNUAL FARM WALK - Thursday 16 October
Our chairman John Franklin will be hosting this event on his farm near Sandy, Bedfordshire. All members are welcome. If you would like to join us please email

A 'Full English' at the Parlour Restaurant in north London wouldn't be complete without a goose egg.

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